leaders through hands onGreat leaders find the strength in individuals and nurture it — a philosophy that's followed by Hitherfield School in Milton, Ontario.

The staff at Hitherfield is focused on building great leaders by encouraging students to be confident and nurturing their self-esteem. The school achieves this by introducing opportunities for students to discover their own talents and interests through extracurricular activities, which help them tackle new challenges in life with confidence. For example, students may attend field trips, engage in crafts and theatre, or even try cross-country skiing or track and field on the school's expansive 80-acre grounds.

While striving for academic excellence is a cornerstone of the school, it recognizes that learning by doing is an important aspect of its students' personal growth and success. The school fosters critical thinking, creativity and the desire to learn more through curiosity and discovery. Hitherfield understands that each student learns in different ways and has different natural abilities. It knows that true leadership is about respect for others, and that's why the school holds students accountable for their actions and encourages them to provide positive contributions to group exercises.

This approach to in-class and extracurricular learning will help develop a well-rounded individual that is poised to take on life's challenges with success. Your child will learn the teachings from textbooks — and they will also learn other valuable life skills that they won't find in the pages of a book.

Come and see what sets Hitherfield apart! Attend one of its weekly open houses held every Wednesday from 9:30 - 10:30 am.

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