About Us


about-us-enteranceOur school is a happy place for children to learn and grow, and we warmly invite you to visit us! We believe that when children are happy, engaged, and challenged, that optimum learning will take place. At Hitherfield every child is unique, and comes to us with his or her own strengths and interests. By individualizing our program in Math and Language particularly, we nurture growth, success and confidence in our students. Developing confidence, decision-making and respect are key components of our Mission Statement and daily life at the school. Our academic programs are rigorous and include Math, Language, Science, Social Science, French, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education, and students from Grades 6 to Grade 8 sit exams in all subject areas three times each year. We are unique in many ways and you should visit us to experience the warm inviting atmosphere that so many prospective parents comment upon.

When you pull into the driveway you will not fail to be impressed by the beautiful location of the school sitting high on the hill; by the pond where all children delight in learning about natural environments,catching and studying frogs and tadpoles, reading and sketching; by our open fields which offer ample space for play, orienteering, cross-country skiing and running.

We offer programs for children from Pre-School to Grade Eight.

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Hitherfield is a member of OFIS