COVID-19 Information


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Hitherfield School will now require all staff and students to complete a daily health screening form prior to arriving at school. If you do not receive an email from the school at 6 am with the form you can find this on our website under “Parente called “Daily Health Screening Form”. As of now, temperatures are to be recorded in °C.

Once the form is completed you will receive a confirmation email with either a green checkmark ✅ or a red ❌. Students and staff with the green checkmark are permitted to attend a school that day.

Once arrived, have completed the form, and received a green checkmark ✅ drive to the RIGHT side of the driveway where a staff member will double check your temperature, and confirm that the form has been filled out. Please have the email opened and ready as you are pulling up to the drive-through. Everyone’s masks must be on, windows are down to inspection, and please have all your belongings ready to go.

If you have not completed the health screening form please drive to the LEFT side of the driveway where you will then have to complete the form.

Alongside the mandatory health screening form, all staff and students MUST wear a mask at all times inside the school building, and finally, parents and guardians are not permitted in the school this school year.

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