Lower School

Lower School

Hitherfield’s STEM based curriculum allows students to develop a passion for learning, as well as bridges the gap between traditional values and modern technological trends.

Our pre-school program provides a great grounding for young minds. Children learn about the world around them through indoor and outdoor play, music, art, reading and the introduction of basic math principles. We are proud to say that all pre-school children graduate to grade one with strong reading skills and a curiosity for learning.

Our primary grades focus on the fundamentals – reading, math and personal development. We recognize that all children come to Hitherfield with their unique strength and challenges and it is our job to assist students in achieving their personal best. Individual learning programs are the norm to help children gain confidence and keep them striving for more.


• Weekly individualized math and spelling quizzes
• 2 periods of introductory core French.
• Exceptional physical education programming
• Music and drama, including yearly plays and concerts
• Raz Kids membership
• Reading buddies to improve auditory and oral reading skills


• Small classes with an average size of 12 students
• Rotary schedule with teachers who specialize in taught subject matter
• Teachers are committed to nurturing a true love of learning in every child


STEM based curriculum:
• Allows students to develop a passion for learning
• Bridges the gap between traditional values and modern technological trends


• Students use our Mac Lab to increase technological fluency and use learning platforms, such as Raz Kids to be exposed to new information and improve literacy


• Sports tournaments (SSAF)
• Piano lessons
• Spelling bee
• School clubs
• Swimming lessons
• After-school programs
• Winter crafts


• Students learn key concepts of respect, empathy, cooperation, responsibility, honesty and equality through day to day lessons and interaction


Hitherfield students have great opportunity to be exposed to and gain leadership experience. At school we instill the necessary values in students that will allow them to be effective and eager leaders. Through various positions, such as running for House Captain, being a Club Leader or becoming a Bus Monitor, Hitherfield offers endless opportunities for students to build confidence in their leadership roles and abilities.