Every child is unique and brings his/her own strengths, needs, abilities, and interests to school. Our teachers excel in their commitment to view every child as an individual and to discover those strategies that will enable every child to reach potential. Much of our work at Hitherfield is individualized. We have many children working ahead of level; some may be a little below level on entry, but with support and individual attention, they thrive and make exciting gains.

Our students, from Grades 6-8, sit exams three times each year; all students from Grade 1 and beyond have a math test every Friday; spelling tests and end of unit tests, in all subject areas, are ongoing.

Physical education is an important aspect of life at Hitherfield. We use our 82 acres for cross-country running and skiing; students play football, soccer, and baseball. In addition, during our Fall and Spring terms, students from JK-3 go swimming once a week at Making Waves in Milton, while our Upper School students go Rock Climbing at Aspire. During the winter term, every child JK above participates in cross-country skiing. Our oversized gymnasium has volleyball and basketball courts. It also houses a fully equipped stage. Each term students may wish to participate in Intermurals with students from other small private schools in the region through our SSAF partnership.

Our “May Plays” have become a major aspect of every child’s passage through the school. All children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 perform in our plays, and love being a part of them! Self-confidence and cooperation are two of the most important benefits of our dramatic arts productions.

We believe in paving the path for success in high school by steady, consistent, and rewarding academic and personal gains in elementary school. Our students learn to manage time, study, complete homework assignments, and present themselves, effectively, and with confidence. In our safe, nurturing environment, they grow in respect, integrity, and citizenship.