Hitherfield Electronics Policy – (Form-EP1)

  • Hitherfield Electronics Policy - (Form-EP1)

    The main reason for our Electronics Policy is to ensure the safety of all Hitherfield children therefore, the expectation regarding the use of cell phones and other electronic devices is that use is prohibited while on school property unless requested/autho- rized by a teacher. Cell phones, etc. must be off and in the student’s book bag or locker while on school property. If at any time a student needs to contact his/her parents or vice versa, the office phones may be used. Electronic devices include cell phones, camera phones, iPads, MP3 Players, or such other electronic device.

    The use of electronic devices during the instructional day may:

    *detract from school safety and crisis preparedness

    *contribute to bullying or harassment via inappropriate or unwelcome text messaging

    *contribute to cheating

    *cause children to socialize less, thus isolating the child

    Administration and staff believe that maintaining the integrity of the learning environment is a priority, and that the use of cell phones and/or electronic devices might detract from that priority.

    We have 16 new iPads available for use, as well as 19 new ‘Macs’ in the computer lab. From time to time teachers may request an electronic device to be brought in for presentations/lessons/etc.

    The school is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices under any circumstances.

    Disciplinary Action in Cases of Non Compliance: First incident:

    1)  Teacher confiscates cell phone or other electronic device and delivers it to the school office.

    2)  The cell phone or other electronic device is returned to the student at the end of the day.

    3)  The parents/guardians is/are informed with a conduct report.

    Subsequent incidents:

    1) Teacher/Administrator confiscates cell phone or other electronic device and delivers to the school office.

    2) Parents/Guardians are contacted to discuss the issue.

    3) Further disciplinary measures may result depending on the circumstances.

    4) Parents/Guardians must come in and pick up the cell phone or other electronic device.

    We understand the school bus, or carpooling, etc. is beyond our jurisdiction. However, when the children reach school, these devices MUST be out of sight. This policy applies to all school trips and functions.

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