Allyson and Mike Marcolini

“After several frustrating years with the public school system, and a long search for the perfect private school, we enrolled our daughter at Hitherfield and have never regretted our decision. She needed to be challenged and given work that would allow her to learn, grow and not be mired in boredom. We’ve been thrilled with the scholastic challenge she has received, but she has gotten so much more from the Hitherfield experience than we expected. The Hitherfield environment allows all of the kids to know, support, and help each other, regardless of age or grade. Interacting with, and helping the younger students has given our daughter an invaluable education in understanding others. These aspects of Hitherfield, along with the Upper School trips and major projects, has provided our daughter with an amazing scholastic journey.”

Katherine and Shane DiTommaso

“We have two children in Hitherfield. We had transferred to Hitherfield as we were concerned our children were not developing the basic skills in reading, writing and math. We worried about the transition, but it has turned out to be the best move we made for them. Hitherfield has provided a safe learning environment. Both children have grown and flourished. The curriculum provides opportunities for both individual and team learning experiences. The small class sizes allow the teachers to get to know their students, thereby allowing them to adjust the course materials to meet the needs of each individual student. Technology is used at all grade levels to enhance the learning experience. The end of year play has been a highlight for our children and us. Overall, Hitherfield provides a quality education that prepares students for the future.”

Darelle London – Former Student – Piano Pop Singer – Songwriter

“My time at Hitherfield was incredibly transformative. I transferred in grade eight, after a difficult year in another school with a toxic teacher. If I were to describe my experience at Hitherfield in one word, I would choose the word ‘nurturing’. The teachers and staff were so kind, they brought back my spirit and gave me the confidence to be myself. My experience at Hitherfield allowed me to enter high school the following year academically prepared, but also with confidence and a strong sense of self. Hitherfield teachers care about getting to know each student individually, and nurturing their potential. I will never forget my time at Hitherfield, and the kindness that I was shown at such a developmentally critical time in my life.”

Amy and Mark Kovich

“Our son has been fortunate to be in the care of this amazing school since he was 4 years old. We believe that the teachers and staff at Hitherfield truly know our son. He is provided with academic opportunities in all areas. We appreciate the time they spend tailoring the curriculum to address his interests, strengths and needs. Small classes have provided our son with ample teacher time; he is able to ask questions and participate in discussions. He says he truly feels important to the teachers and that they want him to share his ideas. His teachers lead their classes by example as they promote kindness, inclusion and generosity. The May Plays each year are an absolute highlight as they allow all students to showcase their talents, develop confidence and try something new. There is nothing sweeter than to see one of the older students leading the young ones in song and dance. Our son says “I love it at Hitherfield!” We echo this statement and feel that the education, happiness and well-being of the students at Hitherfield are truly the driving force of the wonderful school.”

Janna and Craig Steele

“From the very first moment of our initial visit to Hitherfield, it has felt a lot like home to our son, TJ. The teachers and staff show a sincere and constant effort to help each child develop a strong sense of self , and of citizenship in a supportive and inclusive school community. Academically, our son began to progress immediately and his whole outlook on learning changed for the better . The lessons and assignments are designed to be of relevance to the students lives and interests. Each child’s strengths are highlighted and their challenges supported on an ongoing basis. Our son truly believes that all the efforts made by the teachers are in his long term best interest. In turn, his efforts are strong and he is continually rewarded for that. The results of this “learning cycle” have far exceeded our hopes of what a” school” could achieve for a child. The school’s creed is to ” develop confident and independent learners, eager to achieve their personal best in a rapidly changing world.” This goal is achieved not only in academics, but in school trips, the annual school production, a growing sports and physical activity program and many social and charity events at the school and throughout the community. It seems cliche to say that Hitherfield is like a big family. They have created a family oriented, yet extremely professional, educational environment.. Hitherfield has become a home away from home for our son, where there are expectations to be met, contributions to be made and loving support of the results. For that we are truly grateful.”

Manuela & Dave Schofield

“We joined Hitherfield School four years ago when our children were starting pre-school and Grade 1. From our first visit to the school we knew that our children had found a home away from home. The warmth and kindness of the teachers and staff made us feel immediately welcome and established the basis for a strong partnership between family and school. The joyful atmosphere that permeates the school is absolutely wonderful. It is reflected in the way the students greet one another and how the teachers interact with the students as well as all parents. We are truly grateful for Hitherfields excellent academic instruction and teachers who continuously foster a passion for learning. However, it is genuine mutual respect, kindness and consideration between students of all grades that we truly cherish because it is consistent with our desire to raise two responsible, thoughtful, independent, and fun kids. We are very grateful that our children have been able to begin their education in the warm and talented Hitherfield community.”